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Internet Phone Service

Verizon Internet Phone Service

Verizon Internet phone service is called VoiceWing. VoiceWing uses a new technology called Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) that sends calls over the internet.


Like other VoIP providers, VoiceWing can only be used with high speed internet connections such as DSL and cable.  VoiceWing phone based features include: back-up number, caller ID, caller ID Block, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Fax Capability, Repeat Dial, Return Call, Speed Dial, Three-Way Calling, Voice Mail, a do not disturb option and more. Verizon’s internet phone service internet-based features include anonymous call rejection, call logs, click-to-dial, incoming call block, simultaneous ring, and more.

What makes broadband phone services popular is the ability to use your own phone and phone number, anywhere there is a broadband connection.

Each VoIP provider offers different features and product options for you to choose from. With a Broadband phone service you have the chance to save money and use a quality phone service.

Key Facts about Verizon Internet Phone Services:

  1. Called VoiceWing
  2. Uses VoIP
  3. Ability to use anywhere there is a broadband connection