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Internet Phone Service

SunRocket Internet Phone Service

Sunrocket is a U.S. based VoIP provider established by Joyce Dooris and Paul Erickson in 2004.

SunRocket Internet Phone Service

SunRocket provides home phone service over a broadband connection. You must have a broadband internet connection such as high-speed cable or DSL in order to use SunRocket at your home. SunRocket Service is based on an emerging technology called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Analog voice conversations are converted into data that can be sent across the internet and then converted back into a signal a conventional phone system can receive at the other end. With SunRocket you use a regular telephone at both ends. The person you are calling does not need to have an internet connection to receive your call

There are many broadband phone service providers out there to pick from. Be certain to choose one that offers the variety of features you want.

Key Facts about SunRocket:

  1. Broadband Phone Network
  2. VoIP
  3. Many different features and providers