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Internet Phone Service

Broadband Phone Service

Broadband internet phone service is a technology that converts voice messages from your phone into a digital signal which can then be sent through a high speed broadband internet connection to the receiver’s phone where it is converted back.

About Broadband Phone Service

Broadband phone service is unique because it allows you to use your phone, which means your local number, anywhere you can connect to a high speed internet connection, even overseas. As long as you can be plugged into a high speed internet connection you can make and receive calls from your local phone number no matter where you are. Another benefit of a broadband phone service is the many features that come with it that you cannot get with your local switch network. These features include enhanced voicemail, call hunt, call record, call forwarding, anonymous call rejection, do not disturb, free 411 directory, wake up calls, virtual phone numbers and much more. The best part about a broadband phone service is that you get quality sound and lots of great features that help you take control ever your phone for a low, affordable price!

Key Facts about Broadband Phone Services:

  1. Need high speed internet connection
  2. Make and receive local calls from anywhere there is a high speed internet connection
  3. Many features included not offered by switch networks
  4. Low, affordable price