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Internet Phone Features

Incoming Call Routing

The following service is included with all ViaTalk service plans free of charge. ViaTalk is re-writing the rules for phone service flexibility and ease of use.

About ViaTalk Incoming Call Routing

With Incoming Call Routing you have complete control over who can call through to your ViaTalk line. You have the option to have incoming calls route to another number, a busy signal, a recorded message, a prompt to enter an authentication code, or have them sent directly to voicemail, based on either the phone number or caller id name of the caller. You can even set up the record option to record each incoming call from the specified party; this recorded call is then sent right to your ViaTalk voicemail.

To Configure & Use Incoming Call Routing:

  1. Log into your web based control panel and select 'Incoming Call Routing'
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