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Internet Phone Features

Enhanced 911 Service (e-911)

The following service is included with all ViaTalk service plans. ViaTalk is re-writing the rules for phone service flexibility and ease of use.

About ViaTalk Enhanced 911 Service (where available)

Enhanced 911 service is available in most markets where ViaTalk service is available. To confirm that e911 service is available in your area, please contact your local non-emergency line to ask if they accept enhanced data from VoIP callers. If you have any questions about this service, please call 1-866-626-7150.

To Configure & Use Enhanced 911 Service:

  1. Log into your web based control panel and select the 'E911' icon to input the address of your current physical location.
  2. After the address is provisioned, you may place a test call using the script available here.
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