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Internet Phone Service

Broadband local phone service

Broadband phones are a technology that allows you to make calls using a high speed internet connection instead of phone lines. The most popular feature of a broadband phone is the ability to take your phone with you when you travel while still being able to make local calls.

Broadband local phone service

A broadband phone allows you to use your local phone number anywhere you can connect to high speed internet. For example, say you have a Saratoga area code for your broadband phone and you travel to London. While in London, people from Saratoga can call your local number and they will reach you in London. You also have the ability to make local calls to people in Saratoga from your broadband phone in London. Having a broadband phone service allows you to use your local phone anywhere you go with a high speed internet connection.

Some broadband phone providers such as ViaTalk don't charge extra for long distant calls made within the United States and Canada. As long as you use your ViaTalk broadband phone and have a high speed internet connection, all calls within the U.S and Canada are the same as local calls.

Broadband phone service providers have the ability to provide you with a local phone number even if that provider is not local to where you live. All broadband phone service providers offer different features, support and prices. It is important to find the broadband phone provider that is best for you and your needs.

Key Facts about Broadband local phone services:

  1. Use your local phone number anywhere you can connect to high speed internet
  2. Make local calls to home when traveling