Pre-Defined Phrases for Direct Message:

  1. I love Viatalk Phone Service!
  2. Viatalk helps me connect with my friends and family
  3. Viatalk Phone Service is the only VoIP for me!
  4. Viatalk is the best VoIP Provider in the world!
  5. Viatalk is my favorite VoIP Provider!


  • One Prize per Phrase - One phrase per twitter account
  • Five phrases - Five prizes per day
  • Two weeks after April 17th - codes Direct Message'd to winners
  • Codes active until used or 6 months from day of Direct Message
  • Once the promotional prize is awarded based on the code, code is deactivated.
  • Prize activated through code Direct Message'd to winners
  • REMEMBER: One prize per code, one code per phrase, one phrase per twitter account


  • 1 free month of phone service for current users
  • Activation waived for prospective customers