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  1. A Time Warner technician installed their newest Arris router modem today at my home. Internet worked great, but when my wife and I went to use our Viatalk VOIP we encountered connectivity problems or no connectivity at all.

    I called Viatalk and Thomas Ryan checked my connections saying everything was fine on their end but determined it was a DMZ problem with the router. He sent me instructions on how to configure that properly and it worked like a charm.

    I have since alerted the TW tech as to the problem and he was grateful for the information.

    Kudos to Tom and the Viatalk Support staff in general. We are very pleased.

    by Rafael C. on November 7, 2014 Link To this Review
  2. I’ve used ViaTalk’s service since 2007 when I switched from another, now defunct, VoIP provider (Sunrocket, remember them?). The service and quality are excellent and the price is great as well. I rarely have issues with the service, but when I do the technical support is always quick to troubleshoot and correct the issue. I recommend this service to those looking to cut the cord, so to speak, with their landline provider.

    by Robert L. on August 8, 2014 Link To this Review
  3. I’ve been a Viatalk customer for many years now and while the customer service has always been good, recently, they had a to chance to really shine. I called with a particularly complex billing/hardware issue and Steve H. went above and beyond to make sure I was not only satisfied on one phone call, he provided follow up a few days later to make sure I was 100% satisfied. It’s very refreshing to find this level of customer service these days as not many companies strive to meet this level of excellence. Viatalk should be very proud of the service provided and in addition to this, they should feel lucky to have Steve H. as an employee. Thanks again!

    by David F. on July 2, 2014 Link To this Review
  4. I have a satellite internet connection and was surprised to find a VOIP service which works so well. I had a little trouble with a fast busy signal when dialing out but called tech support who corrected the problem in less than 5 minutes and were professional. I use it to teach a live online course in GoToMeeting and it works fine.

    *ViaTalk recommends service for clients who have a broadband Internet connection through Cable, DSL, or Fiber; however, everyone is welcome to try our service using our Trial Period to ensure the service will fit their needs.*

    by Tracy on May 16, 2014 Link To this Review
  5. I’ve been a ViaTalk customer for several years and have very few problems with the service. When I have, the customer service has been outstanding.

    by Peter D. on May 9, 2014 Link To this Review
  6. I had a technical problem with my softphone setup while traveling in England. I opened a ticket and thru many emails back and forth [Tech Support] has me running again. Outstanding performance. I’ve been a VT customer for over 6 years and plan on keeping it. Thank you for providing great product value and superb support.

    Cheers. Paul

    by Paul on May 9, 2014 Link To this Review
  7. I have been a ViaTalk customer for about 6 years. Over those years, I have had outstanding service. I got my first ViaTalk line with a local Oregon number before I deployed to Virginia for 3 years. The family could call me on a local number and not incur long distance charges from the traditional phone company. When I returned home, I eliminated the local telephone company and transferred my home number to a new ViaTalk line. Throughout the process, the transition was flawless. ViaTalk reps assisted me and the transition went without a hitch. (I also retained my original ViaTalk line as ‘my number’). Throughout my relationship with ViaTalk, I have had a few typical VoIP technical issues. In each case, a call to ViaTalk Tech Support resolved the issues. Questions regarding billing and renewals have been handled without question or problem. I cannot say enough good things about the Technical Support and Customer Service team at ViaTalk. ViaTalk offers telephone service that rivals the Old Bell System in quality and far surpasses the Old Bell System in Customer Care. Features offered on the ViaTalk system were not even imagined by the Old Bell System. For my money, it’s ViaTalk.

    by Larry B. on April 22, 2014 Link To this Review
  8. Most of the the technical issues for VoIP have been solved. Most VoIP services provide the same extensive services. The differentiators are support and price. VIATALK does both outstandingly. I could not ask for any better technical and other customer support. Their folks know what they are doing. They know how to explain things. They get problems solved fast & correctly.

    by Herbert K. on March 18, 2014 Link To this Review
  9. Solved our problem via email tech support in less than one minute – very impressive !

    by Jeff S. on March 14, 2014 Link To this Review
  10. I experienced impressive customer service with Viatalk. I had an issue where I delayed shipping back my adapter and they worked patiently with me to resolve the issue . I recommend this organization based on their policies, value for the plan, good technology and great customer service.

    by M. Daryani on February 2, 2014 Link To this Review
  11. I’ve been with via talk for last 6 years. They are great. Excellent customer service.

    by Johnson on October 1, 2013 Link To this Review
  12. ViaTalk is the best deal available for VOIP and, strangely, the best kept secret. I talk to my friends about it all the time and highly recommend their service. We have been a customer for many years. Their service support, rarely used by the way, is the friendliest and professional I have ever found. What a deal!

    by Art H. on September 10, 2013 Link To this Review
  13. I am a Via Talk customer for 5 years. On my renewal in last June I looked around for other options, but the features that Via Talk does have work for me the best. So, I took the renewal. After the renewal I was offered to renew for two more years for [a discount] and I stacked that up in my plan. Features with Viatalk are very nice features and they work the way you expect them to work.

    by Sujit P. on August 28, 2013 Link To this Review
  14. We’ve been a Viatalk customer for over 5 years. In fact, we have two accounts for two different numbers. The service quality is excellent and they have the friendliest staff I have ever encountered for any service provider. I have recommended Viatalk to other friends who have become customers, and they are as happy as we are. I can’t imagine why anyone would go with any other telephone service provider.

    by Art H. on August 9, 2013 Link To this Review
  15. Spoke with [a Customer Service representative], she was so very helpful. Answered all my questions and sent a follow up summary email. Very polite and excellent customer service, which you need as a primarily internet based company.

    by Bob F. on August 9, 2013 Link To this Review
  16. I have had ViaTalk for over 5 years now, and to this day, I still have not tired of telling everyone I can how wonderful this phone service is! It is so refreshing to have a phone service that FINALLY puts the consumer in control of stopping telemarketers and other solicitation calls, instead of paying more per month to the standard “landline” phone service that just shrugs and says “sorry, nothing we can do.”

    I have had over 5 years of peace and quiet in my home now…my phone only rings now when it’s someone I actually want to hear from! The level of control given to the user of ViaTalk is amazing, and ViaTalk just keeps on improving! Amazing call quality, awesome customer service and tech support, and the best PRICING! If you have internet, you have no reason NOT to have ViaTalk!

    by Brandon S on July 30, 2013 Link To this Review
  17. I believe that most everything in life is about expectation. English is my second language and I was expecting to have a hard time to switch from my phone service with AT&T to ViaTalk. I was wrong! from day one this company has done nothing but provide great service and even better Customer Service. I have been with ViaTalk for about 6 years now and they have always deliver better than expected service, thank you guys!

    by Luis N on July 30, 2013 Link To this Review
  18. I used this service for two years. In my opinion no other VoIP can provide the service that you can receive from Via talk. Their two phone service is the best. I highly recommend this VOIP.

    by JJani on July 23, 2013 Link To this Review
  19. I was concerned going from a traditional telephone company(Cincinnai Bell) to a VOIP company. After having the service for a couple of weeks, my concerns was absolutely misfound. ViaTalk gives you great service starting at the beginning – Sales, to Porting, then technical support. The most amazing thing is that they respond quickly and are so helpful. A plus is they are based on the east coast and don’t outsource their sales and support overseas. And did I mention the sound quality equals that of my previous landline.

    Since I am a technical person, I have appreciated the real suggestions and not just reading a script to correct something. New service installation was a snap, if you can plug a phone in you can hookup their service. They have some amazing features, which are great. My favorite 2 are the call routing(blocking) which allows blocking of telemarketers and the second is having the second line (free).

    This is one impressive company who understands CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    by Barry Z on July 23, 2013 Link To this Review
  20. I would never have imagined that the transporting of a phone number could be so frustrating. I commend ViaTalk for having the “patience of job” in dealing with this mess. This whole venture has been instructive in that it highlighted the standard of customer service of Sprint and ViaTalk. You are at opposite ends of the spectrum of service. So now is the time to thank you once again, and I’m assured you will be easier to deal with!

    by Ross W on July 18, 2013 Link To this Review
  21. My experience with Via Talk was the best kind: Virtually no contact because everything went smoothly. The whole experience was MOST professional, polite, helpful and prompt. Thank you, Via Talk.

    by Robert M on June 27, 2013 Link To this Review
  22. Via Talk rescued us from our local phone company’s long distance charges which we felt were out of line for our budget. The service has been reliable and when there were questions, answers from the customer service representatives were always polite and complete.

    We have recommended the service to others.

    by Charles M. on June 24, 2013 Link To this Review
  23. This service is excellent, and the support superb. I love Viatalk!

    by Joanne V. on June 12, 2013 Link To this Review
  24. I have viatalk for 5 years now and am very pleased with the service. I had no issues what so ever with the service at all and would highly recommend. thanks, Vijay

    by vijay p on May 24, 2013 Link To this Review
  25. I just purchased Via Talk a few days ago and most satisfied with the service. Setting up was straightforward and assistance on phone was immediate and helpful. Email updates and replies as I went through registration, hook up, and now number porting have been excellent.

    by HareClips on May 23, 2013 Link To this Review
  26. ViaTalk is an amazing bargain and is able to be highly customized through end-user option settings. The cost of ViaTalk compared to other VOiP products is dramatically lower. The service is fantastic and I have only good things to say about ViaTalk.

    by Jerry W on May 22, 2013 Link To this Review
  27. Great customer support! I had to purchase a new router and by doing so needed the Viatalk VOIP adapter. Emails came flying in from technicians with their help, got the adapter in a flash, and was making calls with no glitches.

    by Kathryn S. M. on May 20, 2013 Link To this Review
  28. I wish I had time to write a more comprehensive review. I just want to say that I’m very thankful that my son introduced me to ViaTalk! I’ve received excellent service and support at an excellent price! Thank you, ViaTalk!

    by Frankie on April 29, 2013 Link To this Review
  29. I signed on early on, approximately seven years ago. In all of that time, I have enjoyed perfect reception, no billing glitches and the services of very polite people.

    by Barbara H. on April 19, 2013 Link To this Review
  30. We had a failure in our telephone adapter, so we purchased a newer model. In our discussions with the service department we thought that we might have to go to another company to be able to use it. Wow, were we wrong. The people at ViaTalk bent over backwards to help us resolve any issues and get us up and running. Kudos to the great support people, they got us out what could have been a mess. Thanks ViaTalk!!

    by Harry P. on April 3, 2013 Link To this Review
  31. I have been with Via Talk for almost 7 years. The best thing I can say about my phone service is that “I take it for granted”. It has not been absolutely perfect, but darn close. When I have had a problem, I notify Via Talk and they are quick to respond and fix the problem.

    I am not an easy person to please….if I had any unresolved problems I would drop them like a hot rock….but I have sent other people to them without fear of regret.

    Try Via Talk, I do no think you will regret it. It works, is dependable and will save you money.

    by Tom W. on March 4, 2013 Link To this Review
  32. I’m a new ViaTalk customer via referral from a family member. I appreciate the customer service I have received with setting up my new equipment to the ability to port a previous VoiP phone number. I was informed of the progress throughout and when everything came together in the end and I got my old number back I was thrilled. Thanks!

    by Chris F on November 14, 2012 Link To this Review
  33. I have been a ViaTalk customer now for over four years (just started year five). The service and call quality is outstanding on every level, including technical support. I have the ViaTalk provisioned PAP2T adapter which I just installed into my third residence. After two moves, the service is still outstanding. Having moved twice, I’ve experienced the service now with three ISPs. They include Verizon FiOS, Comcast XFinity and now AT&T U-Verse. Of the three, Xfinity was the most “quirky” with frequent dropped calls, but one call to the tech support and an overnight trouble ticket resolved the issue. Since re-hosting my service on U-Verse and finally changing my phone number from a Virginia local number to a California local number, I’m happy to report the service is still great. Call quality is definitely better than wireless/cellular and as good or better than most landline (POTS) services. After first connecting the service, I could not FAX or use an alarm panel with it because it would not send the handshaking tones correctly and have not tried either of those in years. Should I wish to install a monitored alarm system, many alarm monitoring companies will offer you a low cost (or free) wireless capability in order to get your business if you home phone is VoIP only. I know this because I’ve spoken to sales reps from the major alarm companies.

    International calling is awesome! I call my brother’s wireless phone in Africa for a tiny fraction of the cost of calling him from my cell phone or a traditional land line. Check out ViaTalk’s international rates and you’ll see what I mean!

    ViaTalk includes a tremendous selction of custom calling features that you can configure yourself through a web page. My favorite is the ability to “white list” certain numbers in conjunction with the scheduled “Do Not Disturb” feature. If you place your family and friends in the white list and Do-Not-Disturb to be active daily between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM, you’ll block nearly all telemarketers while those on your white list can still call like normal. Custom Caller ID is also great fun because I can cause the CallerID display to come up “Grandma Mbl” or “Dads Office” instead of “Wireless Caller” or “Company X” which helps the kids understand when they should answer the phone.

    Setup is VERY easy. Simply plug your adapter into one of the ports on your ISP router – especially if you have two routers or other network switches, then plug your phones into the telephone jacks on the adapter and you’re up and running. If you understand how the phone wiring in your house works and how it’s laid out, you can easily supply dial tone to every wall jack in your home; just make sure you disconnect the line from the phone company’s box first. If you have call quality problems, configure the router to put your adapter into “DMZ” and reboot both the router and the adapter before calling tech support as this might be all you need to do.

    If you’re trying to decide on VoIP versus traditional phone service and don’t care about FAX or alarm panel monitoring via the phone, go with ViaTalk. They always are running “special offers” that blow away the other nationally advertized VoIP providers and have always extended some sort of special offer to me as a returning customer.

    by David on July 23, 2012 Link To this Review
  34. Great SERVICE from Viatalk. Others fail to provide to the customer and charge tons of money. Love Viatalk, been a customer since 2011. Just love it.

    by Anjan on July 2, 2012 Link To this Review
  35. Support is great — very responsive and quick solutions.

    by Brian M on June 20, 2012 Link To this Review
  36. The old saying “You get what you pay for” does not always ring true. With Viatalk you get so much more than you pay for! We have been a customer for about a year or so and have had only 2 times when support was needed due to no fault of theirs. Both times I opted to contact tech support via email and was emailed back within minutes with detailed instructions on how to correct the issue. I’ve never had such a positive experience with online support anywhere else. I also love the block a number feature! No more sales calls!! Thank you Viatalk!

    by P McConnell on June 19, 2012 Link To this Review
  37. I am amazed by their customer service and range of features. I initially had lots of questions and got through to a real person right away. Their techs can fix problems on the spot. Also love all the features! I have no regrets leaving AT&T. I recommend Viatalk to everyone. A great value and lots more features than the phone company. I also use their Got-fax service and love that too.

    by Lori on February 29, 2012 Link To this Review
  38. Brooke did an excellent job on customer service today 2/13/12, via the internet. Just wanted people to know. Thank you.

    by Dawn on February 13, 2012 Link To this Review
  39. The most feature filled, easy to use VOIP service, plus it features 2 lines for the price of one. I switched from Vonage to Viatalk in Jan.2010. Enjoy the service ever since.

    by Will on February 4, 2012 Link To this Review
  40. I’ve had ViaTalk for several months now, replacing a VOIP service from my phone company.

    There are two really great things to comment on.

    First, outbound voice quality is far superior – something my listeners commented on.

    Second – and unique to ViaTalk, I think: the ability to block an unlimited number of different incoming telephone numbers. The *255 feature lets me block new calls from a number with my telephone keypad – no need to go to my computer. Other services allow a total of 10 or 20. My Vialtak list is up to 60, with no end in sight.

    by John Risken on January 15, 2012 Link To this Review
  41. I have used ViaTalk for several years now for my primary line and have been super satisfied. I have tried other VOIP providers in the past, and none of them can compare to the quality and features of ViaTalk. I don’t know anything about their customer service; I can’t recall ever having a need to call them!

    by Doug G on December 30, 2011 Link To this Review
  42. I’ve called customer service only two or three times in the past couple of years. Each time, whether via an online ticket submission or a direct call, the staff was courteous and knew what they were doing, always solving my issue or having an answer for me. They typically go out of their way to accommodate the customer – a rarity these days. I plan to be with ViaTalk for quite some time to come! Service is very good for a very reasonable price.

    by Steven Skorka on December 28, 2011 Link To this Review
  43. Service is been good and prompt so far. The person from technical support has been great, answered quickly and kept me informed.

    by Martha A. on December 23, 2011 Link To this Review
  44. I am a new customer and am impressed with the follow up and information regarding the new account, shipping of the unit, old number transfer etc. In addition the actual time to get it all done from signing up was very short.
    It is refreshing after dealing with other telephone and cable companies.
    Keep up the good work.

    by Mirek Buzga on December 15, 2011 Link To this Review
  45. I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the tech support I received in the last two days. The response was quick, the rep was knowledgeable and the solutions worked. After a few adjustments to my software and a reboot, I was able to fax with no problems.

    by Lewis Ewell on November 18, 2011 Link To this Review
  46. I am a new customer and I cannot say how satisfied I am with the customer service.
    Their Customer Service took pains in communicating and explaining why so much time was taking in porting my number.
    I am now a happy Viatalk customer.

    by Rajnish on November 4, 2011 Link To this Review
  47. ViaTalk is fantastic. It just works, and on the rare occasion when there is a problem there is a announcement on the web page about any service outages. Your technical support is the best, they all seem to be experts. One fast phone call is all it ever takes to get up an running again.

    by Dan Marron on October 6, 2011 Link To this Review
  48. What a great start. Not a problem so far. I have the voice mail go to my email and can even listen to it. I have been answered by a real person service tech and always very helpful. Great job ViaTalk!

    by Dave Borella on September 6, 2011 Link To this Review
  49. I was just assisted by Brooke online. She was helpful and courteous!

    by Eric on August 22, 2011 Link To this Review
  50. Thanks for your help resolving the problem with my parent’s ViaTalk connection. Your customer service is very courteous, patient and obviously right on the money regarding the problem i was having with the service.
    ViaTalk’s customer service… the reason i have 2 lines and have recommended it to many others.

    by RS on June 13, 2011 Link To this Review
  51. It was a real pleasure working with you on this issue. You understood our issue from the beginning, resolved it quickly, and explained everything (plus some) in a way that we could easily understand. Thanks again…looking forward to continued service with ViaTalk.

    by Michael B. on June 1, 2011 Link To this Review
  52. I had some trouble figuring out my soft phone, but after a few minutes on the phone with “PJ” everything worked beautifully.
    another wonderful example of their great customer service!

    by elliot berkovits on May 26, 2011 Link To this Review
  53. Thanks Jason for being so professional and for helping me reset my phone line. Also, I want to thank you for adjusting my server from the central to the eastern region so that the time on my telephone matches with the timezone where I live. You have been a great help. Keep up the great customer service.

    by John Denny on May 11, 2011 Link To this Review
  54. I was helped online by Brooke. She was very knowledgeable and helpful, not to mention patient with all of my questions. Because of her I decided to become a customer!!! Thank you again Brooke.

    by Muriel Clark on April 16, 2011 Link To this Review
  55. I’ve used Viatalk for about 5 years, taking advantage of the BYOD plan. It began as lab testing platform for UC Technologies, but later became my primary phone line for home use. I’ve been impressed with the overall quality of the voice service, and the ease of setup. Viatalk has some detailed documentation for BYOD users wen integrating with a Cisco platform. For the price this service is a great deal!

    by Greg Hinson on April 6, 2011 Link To this Review
  56. Your service and system are beyond comparison and it keeps getting better. I highly recommend your company.

    by Eli B on February 22, 2011 Link To this Review
  57. ViaTalk keeps on delighting us and the technical support is out of the world…

    You deserve all the accolades for delivering a product so complete and doing your job so well.

    Kudos to you… Via Talk!

    by Mickey Shekdar on February 13, 2011 Link To this Review
  58. Been a ViaTalk customer for a few years. Recently had an issue with a device not being provisioned. Within 5 minutes of sending a help ticket Amy responded and continued to respond until my problem was resolved. A big reason why I continue to recommend them to friends and family!

    by Mike on January 29, 2011 Link To this Review
  59. The High Bandwidth (G711u) option ROCKS. I’ve talked with several people now and they can’t believe that I’m on VoIP. One even said it sounds much better than any normal landline call he ever gets. GOOD JOB!

    by Peter Pohli on January 21, 2011 Link To this Review
  60. Amy along with your other CSRs that I worked with getting my adapter and router configured for service were very knowledgeable and courteous. I was very impressed by the professionalism displayed. I give them very high marks.

    by Bruce Bills on December 27, 2010 Link To this Review
  61. Wowee….ViaTalk knows the value of hiring folks who understand just what the words “Customer Service” mean! I had four problems and Amy quickly and efficiently figured out just what the cause of all of them was! She was very personable too…making contacting ViaTalk Customer Service a good experience instead of an agonizing one! Amy rocks!

    Thank you ViaTalk for knowing the value of hiring Americans for your business! It is one reason I stay with your service and do not hesitate to spread the worth of signing up with ViaTalk!!!

    by Linda Garman on December 16, 2010 Link To this Review
  62. I would have written you if I had a bad experience, so… it makes sense to write you when I am amazed by the quality of your service tech. I just hung up with Amy, new services tech. I told her my ISP and the brand of the modem I now have (I’ve been with you since your rescued me from SunRocket). She explained the Arris modem I have has a built-in firewall, looked at my VoIp modem, and made everything all right from her desk. Somewhere around five minutes to fix a phone system that was unusable (through no fault of yours). Please give Amy an Attaboy!

    by Al Weigand on December 2, 2010 Link To this Review
  63. I’ve been a ViaTalk customer for about 5 years now and I cannot say enough great things about your product and service. I highly recommend ViaTalk to everyone!

    by B. Mark Peters on December 2, 2010 Link To this Review
  64. I have had ViaTalk for several years now and would say the call quality is better than my previous landline–never mind the extensive features that ViaTalk offers standard. I appreciate that ViaTalk is not relaxing in its success, but is always improving their service.

    by Chaim White on November 30, 2010 Link To this Review

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